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OMEGA, is an organization that provides high quality services to national and international pharmaceutical and medical equipment/device companies, non-governmental organizations and public institutions and organizations.

OMEGA-CRO, is recognized as an important stakeholder by industry, academia and the public with 22 years of experience in the field of clinical studies, field studies, data analysis and management.

Based on 22 years of experience, OMEGA provides boutique consultancy services for market access with its OMEGA Access Policy Counsel identity.

The main areas of activity of OMEGA are Policy Studies for Market Access, Public-Industry Alternative Working Study Models, Reimbursement Application, Special Design Training Programs, Cost-effectiveness Model Adaptations, Patent expiration and generic competition, Health Data and Information Management, Social Responsibility Programs for Access to Medicine, External Financed Project Consultation and Start-up Projects.

OMEGA, is an important stakeholder for the sector with bridge function that it will create among industry-nongovernmental organizations-public institutions thanks to its professional approach focused on innovation, and solutions developed.