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Project Consultation

Updating health policies in parallel with the requirements of country and region, prioritizing public health and preventive medicine, operating health institutions effectively and efficiently and using health technology assessment systems in allocation of limited resources are important conditions for improving the health status of the society and individuals.

OMEGA-APC, focuses on the following areas of project consultancy in the health sector;

  • Health education program design, implementation and development of the monitoring & evaluation system
  • Policy development and support to health authorities to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of primary health care services at national, regional and local levels
  • Support for improvement of primary care/family physician and hospital data systems and statistics and reporting systems
  • Development of technical standards for localization, service and medical equipment for structuring service delivery units
  • Providing consultancy services for project planning, implementation and monitoring & evaluation systems in health sector
  • Providing consultancy services for European Commission budget support application studies
  • Providing consultancy services for European Commission budget support implementation studies
  • Grant programs management
  • Performing utilization and efficiency analysis on the basis of therapeutic area, disease and indication from big data set
  • Providing consultancy and capacity building trainings on management information systems, software development and reporting, efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery, restructuring and strategic management
  • Disease and treatment awareness studies
  • Needs analysis and external evaluation
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