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Pharmacoeconomic Model Adaptation

Country adaptations updating of global models with the local data are realized by Omega-APC experience.

Once the global model is delivered to Omega-APC, the model is examined. To provide the necessary data for local adaptation of the model, the preliminary work is conducted with experienced physician/s in the use of drug (recommended by the company or omega-APC).

This study is mainly based on the determination of the use of necessary resources (specialist, consultation, intensive care, hospitalization, laboratory and diagnostic tests, druds and care) for disease and adverse event management during the use of the molecule/drug in the relevant indication. For the validation of this study conducted with the determined physician/s, a final study is conducted with another physician experienced in the use of the molecule/drug subject to the model. Micro-models are prepared for disease and adverse event management, and resource usage figures are costed with the current Health Implementation Communiqué prices.

Global models are updated with local data and local costs, and sensitivity analyses required for adaptation is performed. Finally, the final report of the model adaptation and the text and annexes to be placed in Section III are prepared.